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Sylviane Duval


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Content developer, medium-term project manager, knowledge transfer professional.

Skills demonstrated

Clarity of thought; creativity; project management; people and relationship management; collaboration; writing; quality control; basic understanding of medical concepts.


CHEO Research Institute is the research arm of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The Institute’s objectives are to create new knowledge and evidence and to translate its findings into world-class pediatric health care.


Health care professionals diagnose and manage pediatric concussion very differently, partly because their level of knowledge varies tremendously, and partly because there are no specific guidelines to direct clinical care. As a result, pediatric concussion is often under-reported or inadequately managed.

In response, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) funded a project to develop the first comprehensive best practice guidelines for pediatric concussion in North America.


  • Complete the project over an eight-month process of collaboration with a team of 30+ clinicians and stakeholders;
  • Ensure that the key drivers are clinical utility and plain language;
  • Deliver a series of interactive PDFs to the ONF, customized for each targeted user group (health care professionals, schools and sports organizations, families).


      • Guidelines tend to be statement-based, academic and not user-friendly.
      • Switching to a chronological approach broke the link to the levels of evidence that team members has found in journal papers and originally attributed to symptoms.
      • Asking busy team members to re-review the papers was not an option.
        • Conceived an innovative, action-based format that provides instructions and information at a glance, and hyperlinks to appropriate tools and algorithms.
        • Developed the organizing principle for the user-oriented tables of contents. These are also the foundation for cheat sheets and a web-based or mobile app.
        • Hired the reviewer who had done the literature search to confirm or reattribute the levels of evidence.

        Impact / Benefit

        • Comment from peer reviewer, Rebekah Mannix, These guidelines are exceedingly clear and comprehensive. ...will be an indispensable resource for caregivers in a wide range of settings and also be accessible for the general public.”
        • 24,951 hits within 24 hours of release (9,157 unique visitors).
        • Immediate pick-up by interested groups, including the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (USA) and Child Care BC.
        • Clinical practice can be standardized and evidence-based, improving quality of care.
        • The New England Journal of Medicine high-lighted the Guidelines as the go-to resource in its summary of pediatric concussion.