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Sylviane Duval


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Short-term game designer, knowledge transfer professional.

Skills demonstrated

Creativity; knowledge of KT theory, objectives, strategies and tools.


Livestock Gentec is an Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions centre created in 2010 to carry out and capitalize on world-class genomics research, and bring its commercial benefits to the Canadian livestock industry.



Gentec does knowledge transfer among 4H clubs, encouraging the next generation of producers to learn about and adopt new genomics technologies. It needed an accessible, relevant, educational tool for 11-14 year olds.



  • Develop an interactive game in which teams of students can apply what they learned about livestock genomics after watching a video in a classroom setting.



  • Limited budget. 

  • Limited options (size, shape, price, material) from which to create the game mat.

  • Maximum time to complete the game of 20 minutes. 

  • Light, compact and easy to transport. 

  • Resistant to wear and tear.


  • Applied learning-by-doing, interactiveness, fun theory, “stickiness,” friendly competition to conceive and design a game based on Snakes and Ladders and Trivial Pursuit, with full instructions, activity squares and Q&As.
  • Pilot tested and adjusted the number of throws of the die and squares needed to play the game out in the required time.
  • Researched Q&As on livestock genomics and adapted them to age-appropriate language.
  • Collaborated with the graphic designer to distribute activities, DNA (snakes), chromosomes (ladders), logos and colours on the grid in a visually pleasing way.
  • Located an affordable, medium-weight vinyl that rolls up and withstands traffic.

Impact / Benefit


  • Opportunity to consolidate learning immediately.
  • The game was so popular with students and teachers that the mat “wore out” after an initial week of hard use.
  • Comment from Gentec’s Director of Industry Relations: “It’s great for kids to have interactive tools to learn about new technologies in raising cattle. Teaching them about DNA and genomics in a fun way helps the information stick.”