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Sylviane Duval


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Long-term research communications consultant.

Skills demonstrated

Creativity; project management; people and relationship management; knowledge of communications theory, objectives, strategies and tools; negotiation; basic knowledge of genomics concepts; collaboration.



Livestock Gentec is an Alberta Innovates centre created in 2010 to carry out and capitalize on world-class genomics research, and bring its commercial benefits to the Canadian livestock industry.



Gentec needed to communicate more effectively and frequently with its key stakeholder groups: investors/funders, industry/producers and the scientific community.


    Execute the communications plan by developing a range of communications products suitable for a variety of stakeholders and situations.



        • Complex science had to be made accessible to gain traction.
        • Picking images of livestock required a rapid learning curve to adequately identify animals with superior conformation to showcase the benefits of the new science.


        • A visual identity, including logo and other branding;
        • An introductory PowerPoint deck with full speaking notes for Board members to present in person to potential investors;
          • modular “add-ons” to customize the deck as necessary;
          • narration added to a shortened version to use at trade shows and on the website;
        • Plain language fact sheets and research summaries on all aspects of Gentec’s operations available;
          • at presentations and trade shows;
          • on the website for media and for follow-up;
        • Full media/publicity kit available;
        • Quarterly newsletters targeted to each user group;
        • Site map and web content that improve access and style of information for each stakeholder group.

        Impact / Benefit

        • New conversations to build bridges on controversial issues: GMO vs. genomics and gene editing, cost of implementing genomics on-farm, licence to practice, environmental footprint of agriculture, etc.
        • Enhanced and ongoing visibility with stakeholders.