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Sylviane Duval


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Great Reviews!  


Creative, interesting and beautifully photographed, Duval has brought history to life in a way we can all relate to.

Rob Leverty, The Ontario Historical Society  


A unique project that takes an imaginative approach to history.

Jay Stone, The Ottawa Citizen  




With a keen eye for amateur outdoor photography, Sylviane brings to life an abandoned woodlot in Eastern Ontario's Township of South Stormont.

Grouping 300 large landscapes, tiny details and re-enactments in period costume into six chapters—a prologue, four seasons and an epilogue—Sylviane tells a story for each chapter based on the region's rich history and the generations of Gallingers who owned the land for nearly 200 years. Sylviane blends well researched documentary, colourful characters, captivating stories and beautiful photography into a lively docudrama that will appeal to everybody.  

  • Prologue 1780—Land of My Fathers. The Iroquois face uncertainty.  
  • Spring 1784—Loyal to the King. Settlers clear the forest.  
  • Summer 1860—Sweat Equity. Landowners dodge their road-building duties.  
  • Fall 1939—World of Change. The wives learn of Canada's declaration of war.  
  • Winter 1998—Ice Storm! Neighbours help out as nature takes a hit.  
  • Epilogue 2008—Full Circle. A look ahead.  

DVD: 27 minutes running time. Studio work by KAV Productions Inc.

Photo book: 54 pages. Design and layout by Harvard Photo.

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Sample Re-enactment Photos  

See Gallery to view some of the scenic photos included in the DVD.  


 Prologue 1780—Land of My Fathers

Spring 1784—Loyal to the King

Summer 1860—Sweat Equity

Fall 1939 - World of Change

Winter 1998—Ice Storm!

Epilogue 2008—Full Circle

































Summer 1860 - Sweat Equity
Fall 1939 - World of Change
Winter 1998 - Ice Storm!
Epilogue 2008 - Full Circle