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Sylviane Duval


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Long-term knowledge broker.

Skills demonstrated

Knowledge of KT theories, objectives, strategies and tools; project management.


SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network is a former university-based research network that became a global leader in the development of bioactive paper technology.



SENTINEL researchers invented several platform technologies products and processes that are rapid, simple, and cheap. The Network wanted partners with which researchers could take their innovations from the laboratory to where they can benefit industry and consumers. However, it had no knowledge transfer (KT) strategy, and was approaching the end of its funding cycle as an NSERC Strategic Network.




  • Researchers on the same project were dispersed across the country, making video production difficult.

  • The SNEI grant (see Solutions) only provided one year of funding in which to plan, produce and execute the strategy.



  • Applied to and won a $100,000 NSERC Strategic Network Enhancement Initiative (SNEI) grant to fund KT activities.
  • Drafted a set of questions for each innovation based on Lavis’s Five-point Utilization Framework and Jacobson’s Understanding User Context Framework and the context of the sector to identify
    • the IP status of each one,
    • those most likely to be desirable, and
    • the KT strategies with the "best bang for the buck."
  • Based on the answers and discussions with management, developed a commercialization kit (demonstration video, infographic, technical manuscripts, fact sheet, images, lay article, etc. for each innovation to  capture varying levels of interest and accommodate different learning styles.
  • Piloted and promoted the kits at carefully chosen trade shows and to sector-specific print and electronic media.
  • Used the kit at the foundation for content for a glossy "legacy" booklet and supporting credit-card USB key to celebrate SENTINEL's past and stimulate future funding.

    Impact / Benefit

    • Each trade show provided 4-6 solid, realistic opportunities on which to follow up for research development.
    • Sector-specific media resulted in 3-19 new articles, mentioned, hyperlinks and contacts per innovation, sometimes in unexplored sectors.